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I am Lori Spies (pronounced Speez), owner of Absolutely Organized NOW!   Since 2003, I’ve been helping individuals establish systems that enable them to get organized, while managing and maintaining them as well. 

I hold a Masters Degree in Education with a BS Degree in Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services.  I guarantee you a fun, educational experience.

We Pay Close Attention to Detail

The fact that I was born organized makes it natural for me to work with clients who either struggle or just want a little help to achieve a higher level of organization.  There are stories of me re-stacking my dresser drawer contents at the age of 3 years old, so I’ve been at this for a while.  I like to live organized to the point that I can put my finger on any item when it is needed.  There is a lot to be said for having like items with like items.  We also clean spaces before we move contents into them.

Customer Confidence Guaranteed

After years of helping friends and family become more organized, I joined the National Association of Professional Organizers, began attending conferences and turned pro.  My love of people and innate organizing abilities have made this endeavor as success. 

I am also a frequent speaker for private and non-profit organizations.  Call me when you are in need of a fun and engaging presenter.  

I serve Montgomery, Howard and Carroll Countes.

Please give a call or send a note.  I'm eager to work with you. 


Kindness Always,

Lori Spies
Absolutely Organized Now

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Absolutely Organized NOW! Services


Detailed Asset Inventory 

Document and photograph all personal valuables and assets for insurance purposes with a loss or damage to property. A CD of documentation will be secured offsite.  

Note: Your information is never sold, shared or disclosed to anyone without your permission, except as required by law.

*Other Detailed Services*

~ Closets  ~ Kitchens  ~ Office             

~ Bedrooms ~ Kids  ~ Garages

~ Basements  ~ Sheds

~ Dorm Rooms  ~ Warehouse ~ Storage

Absolutely Organized NOW! Questions to Ask Yourself

 Do I forget important dates 

and appointments?
• Am I often running late?
• Do I misplace things in 

my home or office space?
• Am I  often feeling overwhelmed 

and stressed out?
• Is there ever enough time in the day?
• Am I neat and tidy but need 

systems to live by? ​ 

​If YES is your answer to most ~ 

I'd love to visit with you.

Absolutely Organized NOW! Professional Help

+ Personal Valuables Recorded

+ Increase staff productivity 

+ Maximize your space

+ Establish organized systems 

+ Increase personal productivity

+ Save yourself time and money 

+ Reduce stress

I help you create solutions!

Absolutely Organized NOW! Process

A Conversation:
This is our initial conversation about your issues.  I ask you some questions and together we talk about what's going on.

The Assessment:
This assessment is on site in conjunction with our first working session together.  I assess things from our conversation and am able to envision your end goal.

I will email you a Pre-Assessment Questionnaire to complete and email back to me that we will discuss together here.       

Together We Organize:

We work together to create your end goal.   

We work a minimum of 3 hours per visit.
By the time we have completed this organizing project,  you will have the tools to maintain it.  

We tear things apart and put them back together.  

I don’t like to leave a space in disarray between visits, so I make spaces as livable in-between 

our sessions as possible, should more than one visit be required

Absolutely Organized NOW! Testimonials

Sue – Senior, Downsizing for Cross Country Move
​I don’t know what I would have done without Lori to manage all but the advertising of my estate sale.  She began by carefully listening to me and learning what I wanted to keep as I was downsizing my life.  She determined an amount for every item sold, organized every room, and placed things throughout my home and yard with great care.  She managed every intricate detail – pricing, careful display of my contents, placing high value items in one certain area, marking ‘off limit areas’ of the house, positioning my friends in various places to monitor activity, and she managed the money.  She even took items that did not sell to my charity of choice.  The best part is that in 8 hours, Lori reclaimed $3,500 for me when I may have otherwise donated most of the things.  

Rebecca - Lawyer
I spent a few hours situating in my new work space this afternoon after you departed and I LOVE IT!!  I am so excited and happy with our progress.
Thank you so much for moving my office project forward each and every time we work together.  
You are so so amazing!
Kathy – Business Owner
Lori helped me organize my craft/scrapbook room and I couldn’t have done it without her help and expertise.  She was also knowledgeable about where I could donate unwanted items that otherwise may have been thrown away.  She’s been considered a friend of mine since, because she has a way of making you feel like she’s known you forever and she has a kind heart.
Lou Ann – Business Owner
I have used Lori’s business to help organize my office and my teenage son’s school papers.  She is so creative with different ways to handle paper clutter.
Dorothy – Small Business Owner
I hired Lori to organize my office.  I expected her to sort everything out, but I did not expect her to create an environment that is a comfortable and relaxing place to work!  She rearranged my furniture and made the space ‘user friendly’.   Plus, she developed an easy and effective filing system in 2005 that I am still using today.
Lori listened and took the time to feel where my pain was.  I believe that was why she came up with such a workable solution for me.  She taught me how to think differently about the process and I have been able to implement what she began with the launch of my new business.  She saved me LOTS of time…..therefore saving me LOTS of money!!
Thank you Lori, you have made my life easier.
Jill – Business Partner
Lori does fantastic work.  She creates a great atmosphere in which her clients can grow and improve their lives and space, and feel comfortable … both while working with her and after she has helped them. (Lori worked with my husband)
Mark – Business Owner
Thank you again, Lori for helping me with my office organization needs.  You were fantastic!  By presenting a number of different strategies, you gave me the tools I need to develop an organizational style that best fits me.  You helped me with the daily accumulation of clutter AND a system to continue keeping it under control.
As a person in the office furniture industry, I can take the tools you gave me and give them to my clients to help them with their needs.
Deb – Homemaker
I want to say thank you for getting me motivated to do what I haven’t bothered to do for so many years.  Your fun-loving personality and background made this daunting, overwhelming and potentially traumatizing experience liberating and exciting to go through.  Really enjoyed working with someone who wanted to do as much or as little as I was willing to do; someone who didn’t treat our belongings as though they needed to be replaced.
Your can-do attitude inspired me to push myself even further to accomplish a myriad of tasks that previously had me wallowing in stagnation.  Feels so good living in my own home, knowing and seeing it organized and clutter-free for the first time.
Anne – Project Management Professional
Lori is a great professional organizer.  She loves what she does, she walks the talk and leads a very organized life herself.  She is extremely personable, trustworthy and results oriented.  She has been instrumental in organizing both my home and business.  When I’ve felt overwhelmed, she made it simple and easy.  I highly recommend Lori for organizing projects.
Victoria – Home Office
I still use the organizing system you helped me set up in my office 10 years ago!!! Been great and tailored to my personality needs.

Absolutely Organized NOW! Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a professional organizer?
A professional organizer is one who will help you create order out of chaos – and give you back your power to move forward.
That ‘thing’ that has had you stuck or unable to go forward will be addressed.  You will learn how to go about finding a place for everything.   A professional organizer will help you clear the clutter and establish systems to get and stay organized.

How do we get started?
Every session begins with your goal in mind.  What is it you want to accomplish?   I am ready when I show up at your door.  I will lead the way and things will fall into place. 

How much will it cost?

The more committed and ready you are to move forward, the quicker things will go.   This is about you and all you want to accomplish.  Some things/areas  take quite a bit of time and others take only a few hours. 

How do I pay you?
I am paid following each session, by cash or check.

How long will it take?
Are you ready to transform your life?  Are you ready to make changes?  This could take as long or as little as you would like.  You are the boss.  If you know what you need help with, we can get started right away.  If you do not know exactly what ‘it’ is, then we can discern that in conversation and proceed.  The more committed you are to making this transformation in your life, the quicker and better things will progress.
Some jobs are completed in one or two sessions and other jobs may take months.  We work at your pace and speed.

Do I need to be there?
Yes you do need to be present – you are the central focus.  This cannot be done without you.  You are the boss and the final decision maker of things.  We create systems based on your need … on the way things work for you and your lifestyle.  I could develop systems that would work for me, but my goal is to help you create a system that works for you.  I want you to feel in control NOW


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